Welcome to Umeå 2017 July 27-30!

Registration is now open to 2017 year's tournament!

For the 34rd consecutive year we have the great pleasure to welcome you to beautiful Umeå and one of the summer's absolute highlights! We offer a well organized tournament where all matches are played within a few kilometers from the central point of Umeå. The short distances between the accommodation schools and playing fields means that it is walking distance to over half of the total number of matches in the festival.

2016 there were 339 teams from five countries participating. These teams came from Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Finland and Norway. We offer a soccer adventure for children, youth, seniors and the disabled. During four days, Umeå is the natural meetingpoint for players, coaches, supporters, families and relatives from different countries and cultures. The festival center is located on the scenic area Nydala with 12 natural grass fields and direct proximity to the camping and swimming. The waterpark Umelagun is just steps away from Nydalas playing fields.

In 2017 Umeå Fotbollsfestival will be played according to SvFF:s new regulations. This means that no tables or overall winners will exist in classes B8-B12 and G8-G12.

News for this year is that all the teams in classes G8-G12 and B8-B12 is guaranteed six games.

Welcome to Umeå and next years summers big soccer adventure!


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